The last two days I attended a conference that I was attracted to because the organizers and I have been conversing lately on a subject of interest, namely the idea that “cancer is an evolutionary process; the cure for cancer is within reach, and is mostly an engineering problem now that we have the right model; and what can we do collectively to work towards and achieve the goal of a cure”. Based on my previous thinking on and study of complex adaptive systems plus a treatise that the organizer wrote, I already believed that it was obviously true that “cancer is an evolutionary process”, I was predisposed to believe the premise “the cure for cancer is within reach”, I was open to the question of whether it is “mostly an engineering problem”, and was hopeful about the possibility of working collectively with others on that problem. What I came out with was quite a bit more than I bargained for, not the least of which was a growing awareness of a diverse community of thinkers whose eyes are opening to some fundamental shifts in how we think of “reality” (the universe, the world, humanity, evolution, biology, chemistry, physics, etc).

As both a practical and self-indulgent matter, I am launching a this blog that is essentially my personal journey to understand better. I intuitively know that there will be a limit to how much understanding I can get unless I connect with people through a continuous dialog that challenges assumptions at every turn. If interested, I invite you join me, with one caveat: you must be willing challenge everything, nothing is sacrosanct, not God, Truth, Self, or even Existence. I heard a quote this week that was from one scientist to another that sums up my feeling on the matter: “That statement is so wrong, not even its opposite is true”.

As a philanthropic and self-indulgent matter, I will also try my best to connect with others who are interested in studying and “curing” “cancer”, and are willing to challenge their assumptions, starting with the group that I met with the last two days, and helping grow that community to become self-sustaining. You will be able to learn more about that shortly on the this blog, which will lead you to a different forum.

Warning for the faint of heart and blissfully ignorant, the rabbit hole runs deep…


    “faint” not “feint”

    Interesting blog. I’ll comment further if I can.

  • I looked up feint just now and was surprised to find that my usage may have been technically correct

    feint 2 adjective …. ORIGIN mid 19th cent.: variant of faint .

    However, since I did mean faint and not the modern use of feint, I sit corrected. It’s been fixed, thanks.

  • Hi,

    Together with a group of firends I’ve been working on research and some practical application of Complex Adaptive Systems for almost seven years.

    Perhaps you might be interested to join us:

    Good luck with your journey!


  • Howdy – *plunk* I’ve put this one on my feed. Over the past year complexity has recently become an extreme fascination of mine.

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  • That feature doesn’t seem to be on the new template, but you can just go to the front page and go through the posts in chronological order from bottom to top.