The Eight Most Powerful People on the Planet

…but weak, indecisive and utterly incapable of true world leadership
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I’d like to make a case for Oprah being in the top 8.  Though she’s currently #62 on Forbes’ World’s Most Powerful Women list, she’s one of only two people to make the Time 100 list four times (the other being Bill Gates).  Four people have made it three times (GWB, Bill Clinton, Nelson Mandela, and Condaleeza Rice).

Despite the catchy opening, this isn’t a post about lists of powerful people.  It’s about how to change the world, right now, and with long-ranging positive impact.  The first step is to watch Oprah’s show yesterday about people rich and poor who have found ways to make huge differences.  (I’m sure somebody out there will find an online version of the show and post it in the comments here, but if not, order the show).  The second step is to read this book, written by one of the founding fathers of complex systems thinking, Ervin Laszlo (recently nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize).  If you are familiar with complex systems, do yourself a favor and skip straight to Part Two of the book.  The third step is to examine your life and find something that makes you happy while helping others.  It can and should be a small step that does not feel intimidating and that you won’t put off until tomorrow.  Only you know what that is.

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