Pop!Tech Notes, part 2

This session of 3 speakers has been the best so far.  All three were great speakers and must-watches on poptech.org.

Chris Anderson – attention and reputation are also economic markets; google is world’s largest reputation market (via pagerank); larry page and will wright are central bankers, like bernake; so is phil rosedale of second life; check out Maple Story (korean game coming to US); games enable time/money fungability

Clay Shirky – grobanites for charity started with the members before they had the mission, raised the funds before they had a cause; cognitive dissonance in the top down approach can kill the magic and the whole effort; “design for generosity” (started with napster); bad explanations: 1) kids today are criminals 2) digital krishna consciousness; good explanations: 1) cost going to free 2) people respond to incentives to be generous 3) linking the two (like napster); howard forums is better technical forum than the professionals; we’ve forgotten about intrinsic motivations; autonomy is essential (people need to choose to do it); system can’t be totally freeform either: must be right mix of freedom and constraints; need to think of people as participants in social systems, not as aggregate averages.

Matt Mason – if you want to beat pirates, copy them; matt used to be pirate radio dj and at the same time the police were raiding them each week, they were advertising with them!  why?  they had millions of listeners; the art of storytelling is changing because of abundance (going from broadcast to network); tale of GuyzNite die hard movie remix video on youtube (die hard lawyers asked them to take it down at the same time die hard marketers asked them how much to use it to for marketing die hard 4!); Novartis giving away drugs in markets where their patents are are being heavily infringed on, and are reaping great benefits from this; in an economy based on abundance your business model needs to be a virtuous circle; e.g. Heros is highly pirated, but they have rev streams which capitalize on this (merch, publishing, nbc.com, licensing, itunes, etc

Check out hub.poptech.org

  • Chris phoned it in. Not one of his best.

    My favorites:
    * Juan’s econ-disaster-FUD w/data
    * Badylak’s growing digits… time to regenerate the founding fathers!

    * Valdis Krebs’ specious visual stories
    … and right behind him was Pamela Ronald’s line on how GM food is good because it hasn’t killed 1 person yet (super engineering+scientific rigor – note my sarcasm)… then Despommier was just out of his league (no prototype of his idea@!#$).

    Best acting/performance:
    * Joe Navarro’s own psychopathic undercurrent