What is Cancer?

[ I’m asking for your help in answering this question, read past the fold to see how ]

In my post on invisible etiology, I challenged us all to be as open-minded as possible when dealing with our most complex problems, for this is the only way to make the invisible become visible.  Here’s where I attempt to practice what I preach.
For a while on this blog I have been going on about cancer as somatic evolution.  And while I do believe that this is part of the story, I know it is incomplete and there may be a more general, more important invisible etiology to be discovered.  I want your opinion, no matter what your background and training.  In fact, I am more inclined to listen to “non-experts” given that the experts have failed us for so long.

One of my goals is to create a feature-length documentary to catalyze a shift in thinking about the nature of cancer so that we, as a society, can start making real progress, so that people don’t die of cancer and don’t live lives of lower quality with cancer.  I have been struggling with the enormity and hubris of this task for a year and a half now, making little progress on the goal beyond the conceptual phase.  But recently inspired by some of the talks and personal interactions I experienced at Pop!Tech this year, I am simply going to put one foot in front of the other and ask you to tell me what the documentary is about.  To that end, I’ve created a website devoted to answering a single question, and I’d like you to give your own answer to the question in one sentence or less:

What is cancer?  Click here to express your opinion.

While I don’t know what this documentary will ultimately look like, I know that tapping into the collective wisdom is clearly better than me starting with my own answer to the question of what cancer is.  So please help.  Your opinion, ideas, thoughts and experience will not go to waste.  On the contrary, whatever you say will have a material impact.

If you’d like to go beyond answering the simple question asked on the What is Cancer? website, I’d ask that you use the comment section below on this blog entry.  If you have ideas on how to go about the documentary, resources to offer in making it, or just want to give words of encouragement and support, it is all welcome.  I only ask that haters, pessimists and trolls find another outlet.

So, what do you think?