Should We Hold the Bush Administration Accountable?

Paul Phillips’s blog entry quoting Greenwald on Bill Moyers sums up it up pretty well.  And I’ve wondered what the Obama administration is going to do about this and what they should do.  The arguments for not pursuing the Bush administration’s crimes are good ones.  We have such big fish to fry with the economy, climate and wars that it would be a huge distraction right now.  And secondarily, it would come off as divisiveness in a time when we need it least, not to mention that it was one of Obama’s main campaign promises change the culture of partisan politics that has plagued us for so long.

But having just watched Frost/Nixon, I was left with the distinct feeling that Ford made a big mistaking giving Nixon an unconditional pardon, especially before all the facts were in.  Wouldn’t it go against all that this country stands for to allow the most powerful people in the world get away with high crimes and massive abuse of the public trust?

Is there a way that the Bush administration (or more specifically the culpable actors) could be held accountable without damaging the prospects for a better future?  Does the world’s need for closure and the country’s need for moral redemption justify the damage that it would likely cause?

What should Obama do?  And if nothing, who can and should address this issue and how?