Coffee Linked to Lower Dementia Risk

The NY Times reports.

Here’s my theory:  someone who drinks more than three cups of coffee a day can’t possibly sit still and actually gets their ass off the couch and does shit, thereby stimulating the body and brain, a known and powerful way to reduce dementia risk.

hat tip: Daniel Horowitz

  • Brady

    You don’t necessarily have to post this comment, but I just wanted to say you guys do some great work on this blog, and I’d be willing to bet that your readership isn’t nearly as high as it ought to be. I say invest some time into marketing this blog a little- more people need to read it.

  • Thanks, Brady, your encouragement is much appreciated. What do you recommend we actually do in terms of marketing?

    Hopefully people like yourself are telling their friends and linking to the site so that our PageRank increases…

  • Brady

    I’m sure you’re doing most, if not all, of the basics I’d think of (not exactly a blog expert here). Maybe a little guest authorship magic– having other active bloggers post here, and posting yourself on others’ blogs? Perhaps you’re already doing that. What would it take to get your blog listed on I didn’t see yours on there.

  • I actually started a blog/forum there recently on Cancer Complexity:

    And I’ve thought it might be a reasonable place to move this blog to. However after seeing how it works, (a) the blogging tools suck and (b) it’s just as hard to get noticed there as anywhere else. Traffic here has been increasing almost month over month and with a sharp uptick in the last quarter of 2008. This month is our biggest yet, so I think we should just stay the course and continue putting out content.

    Guest authorship is a good idea. I’ve been featured a number of times directly and indirectly on Freakonomics, and I often post comments on other people’s blogs. In the other direction though, certainly we’d welcome guest posts. Do you have one you’d like to make?

  • Brady

    Cool. Mostly I’m just looking forward to seeing this thing grow, so I’m glad things are moving forward for you.

    I certainly wasn’t soliciting for a slot on your blog; I feel myself a neophyte to most of the topics on here, and wasn’t exactly the type of guest author I had in mind (I was thinking more along the lines of well-known bloggers- guys with big networks that would drag readers this way). My angle in on this topic is through my current graduate work on multi-level approaches to organizations and team dynamics. I suppose I could throw a couple potential topics at you and if they were of interest for your purposes, write something down the road.