Thought of the Day

We talk about how we are all one, more similar than we are different.  And of course it’s true, but…

Our lives are so different.  And the gap is widening all the time.  The diversity of experience increases, as the world becomes more complex, as we create new ways of existing, physically, mentally, socially, virtually.

This is part of the paradox of “progress” and the global network effect; the possibility for common understanding increases, yet the difficulty of such a feat does too, as we branch farther and wider from our common experience.

  • Just for instance, I spend maybe 1% of my time on “producing” the food that I eat. A big chunk of my time is spent on purely mental activities that are abstract and theoretical. I would hazard a guess that most of the world spends most of their time producing the food that they eat. We can connect on some things, but maybe not a lot.

  • brady

    Hasn’t the sort of thinker-versus-gatherer divide that your comment refers to existed for a long long time, and isn’t that different from the diversity-of-living argument you first refer to?