Decision Education Foundation

On Saturday I attended a fundraiser poker tournament for non-profit organization called DEF (Decision Education Foundation).  As it’s name implies, they are dedicated to helping individuals become better decision makers via the education system.  Their strategy is multifaceted, but their core goal at the moment is to introduce decision making explicitly into the curricula of primary and secondary schools around the country.  To do this, they first educate the educators on the components and process of making good decisions.

I love what they are doing, and encourage everyone with a stake in education (parents, teachers, students, administrators, policy-makers, etc) to learn more by going to their website:

Poker players will be particularly excited about DEF because they fully embraced the utility and natural fit of poker as both a didactic tool for decision making, and as a fundraising vehicle.  Not surprisingly, Annie Duke serves on the board, and she recruited some of her poker-playing friends to help out.

I have some questions for the readers of this blog:
1) Do you feel you are a good decision maker today, and if so, how did you become so?

2) Do you feel you were given the tools/training to make good decisions in school, and if so, at what point and how?

3) Do you think your decision making skills could be improved at this point?

4) Do you have any ideas for how DEF can best achieve their goals and mission?

  • Just wanted to comment that this made me think of an article I read recently (and subsequently blogged about) regarding a (seemingly) successful sex education revolution in South Carolina. The aspect that struck me as so positive and full of impact was the pairing of sex ed with decision making curriculum.