25 Random Things

1) I might be the last person on Facebook to do 25 Random Things, but I promised some people I would, and I take my promises seriously.

2) The more I learn, the less I feel that I know. But I am okay with that. Still it’s unsettling because I don’t think I’ll ever stop learning.

3) I care more about what people think of themselves than what they think of me.

4) I prefer asymmetry to symmetry; it’s the root of all value.

5) I can speak Arp (and Op), so careful what you say around me.

6) Most people think I don’t work because there is no name for what I do, but I will be working til the day I die, however…

7) Barring an untimely death, there is a good chance I will reach escape velocity through singularity.

8) I have played many games in my life, but the hardest one by far is golf.

9) I don’t believe we will ever find a theory of everything; it’s turtles all the way down.

10) I’m baffled though why we don’t have a better theory of mind by now.

11) I met my wife on a park bench in a foreign country; a local man started talking to us after a few minutes, and when he left he said, “Invite me to the wedding.”

12) I’m glad I learned that you have to sometimes choose between being right and being happy.

13) I am the happiest and most fortunate person I know.

14) I’m right handed but left footed.

15) What ever it is that I am trying to communicate to you will undoubtedly be different that what you think I am saying. I sometimes wonder how it is we can communicate at all.

16) I have memories from before I was one year old.

17) Eu tenho saudades de Rio de Janeiro.

18) I’ve been very competitive my whole life, and while competition is fun, these days I prefer cooperation. I’ve found it to be a whole lot more profitable, and infinitely more rewarding.

19) I don’t believe the universe has a mathematical structure, rather we invent math to gain insight into the true structure , which is fractally unknowable.

20) One of my super powers is being able to look at a dessert menu and instantly determine the best option.

21) My favorite koan is the one with the monks and flag and wind.

22) Never thought of myself as a creative person until I learned the true nature of creativity.

23) I once spent a whole year in an RV with my best friend going around the US to different sporting events.

24) To the best of my knowledge, I have never climbed Mt. Everest

25) The secret to the good life is that it runs on a network effect; give generously and you will see increasing returns, no matter how you choose to measure.