Technology Evolution Will Eclipse Financial Crisis

This is a precursor to Singularity sort of argument:

  • David Basanta

    Not bad but quite didn’t get how our post-human generation will solve our current financial crisis. Also, I am bit skeptical, given how often experts in one field fail to make accurate predictions on something on which they are the experts, about predictions that involve several fields (economics, nano-engineering, biology). Not saying that is impossible, just that i remain skeptical.

  • I understand and agree with your skepticism. I will say though the one person who I know has been uncannily good is Kurzweil. And Enriquez’s predictions are sort of in that same vein, looking at the “universal constants” which seem to hold over time independent of human will, desire or action. The double-exponential technology proliferation curve has held for all of recorded history (generalized Moore’s law), and if you view “technology” more abstractly as an evolving system, and being the good Universal Darwinist that I know you are, the forecasting seems pretty logical. Much better than macroeconomic claims that ignore all “non-economic” variables.

  • Here’s more evidence that technological progress will eclipse the financial crisis, this time from an economist:
    Alex Tabarrok’s TED Talk.

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