Methuselah Foundation

If, like Aubrey de Grey, you believe that immortality is achievable, or you are just intrigued by the possibility, you should check out this news story on The Methuselah Foundation.

Lest you dismiss the idea out of hand, note that in 2006 Alan Russell gave a TED talk which showed a man with a decent portion of his finger being regenerated.  Just three years later, Juan Enriquez gave an update in which doctors have been successfully able to regrow trachea, ears, bladders and even a full heart!  If you can have a transplant for any organ in your body (regrown from your own cells), how far off is the first thousand year old person?

While I’m sure all of this progress will go on with or without my support, I decided at the end of last year to do a sort of “Pascal’s Hedge”* and became a 300 Club Member of the Methuselah Foundation.  You can thank me on your 300th birthday ;-)


* See Pascal’s Wager