Something Fishy About Mercury

Here is a fascinating discussion on NPR’s Forum from earlier this year on the subject of mercury and fish:

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If you’ve listened to this the whole way through (which you should), I’m curious as to how it will affect your habits, if at all. ¬†And why?

  • Tiltmom

    I listened all the way through. I don’t know that I learned much that I didn’t already know.

    As you are aware, Fuhrman is not a big promoter of fish. That said, when our family saw him, he specifically recommended that the boys and I eat fish 1-2x/wk, preferably wild salmon as it’s low-mercury, and not subject to the nonsense that farm-raised salmon is.

    I used to take an algae-based DHA supplement (despite being able to get it from whole food sources, not everyone’s body has the ability to convert short-chain omega-3 to DHA) but now take a fish-derived DHA/EPA supplement from Metagenics.

    Fuhrman on fish:

    Marion Nestle suggests getting a Fish Advisory Card (link below) for use when shopping or in a restaurant:

  • danielhorowitz

    I listened all the way through. My deal is pretty much the same as Tiltmom. I eat Wild (Alaskan) salmon 1-2x a week, and take flax seed oil supplements (Omega.) I don’t plan to change anything.