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  • Alex Golubev

    Rafe, i would interpret the first paragraph as suggesting that religion or any type of faith is an evolutionary trait that preserves humans when times are rough and reason alone is not enough to survive. I am not educated enough yet on the historical correlation of suffering, spread rate, simplicity of the message.

    By the same token, it is easier (faster) to explain something to a child using a proverb or a generalization, while knowing that this kind of appeal doesn’t withstand logical critique. I’m an expert on this topic considering I don’t have any kids :) This allows the “student” to test and stress the newly acquired knowledge at which point they can ask a clarifying question and once again a generalization/proverb is provided instead of a full on in depth explanation.

    Religion of Science, Democracy, and Capitalism? I believe that our faith and understanding in these systems has gone through cycles of refinements. We’re once again at the bottom of the cycle where we need to redefine and recalibrate democracy and capitalism. Partly because the system isn’t perfect and is exhibiting some signs of failure and partly because we have new technology at our disposal.

    what do you think?