Whom Should I Interview?

I was just interviewed by International Mentoring Network and as a thank you for my time they asked if there was anyone I would like to interview.  Anyone in their network, I asked ?  No, anyone in the world.  Whoever it is, they will try to make it happen.  Now that’s an interesting question!

Okay, so who do you think I should interview?

  • Marissa

    My vote would be for Warren Buffet.

  • Nelson Mandela, born in 1918 so I would expect he wont be here much longer.

    First question, among many, would be this:

    How do you stay happy, and still be able to spread hope, forgiveness, happiness, love, joy and still be “high on life?” after being jailed for more than 27 years because of your skin colour?

    In retrospect I get one parking ticket and I become moody….

  • Tiltmom

    That’s a tough one. I’d be torn between choosing someone I’d just like to spend an hour talking to (Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart), someone extraordinary (Bill Clinton, Steve Jobs), or someone that I think is going to change the world.

    For that last one, I’d have to go with Daniel Nocera.

    But you have to play the access angle, don’t you? I mean, you can probably get to Nocera without IMN, so that might be a waste of an opportunity.

    I think if there is no one that instantly comes to mind as a no-brainer, I’d see if I could defer my decision until that lightbulb moment happens.

  • Assia Ivanova

    I would go for someone that has ‘reborn’ Dalai Lama-I would certainly call this different perspective and even he says that he may not be reborn again. So take your chance while you can.
    Nelson Mandela-to keep his vision & good intentions after 27 yrs requires some hardcore stamina & belief. If you take a sip of it it will be contageous. I don’t think siccessfull businessmen can pull this together.

  • cristhian

    es una cochinaa