The Innovation Summit

My new favorite worldchanger is the Spirit of Innovation Awards.  In short, high school students from around the country solve real-world problems and compete for awards and opportunities (like access to venture capital and mentorship).  Here’s an example:

I am working with founder Nancy Conrad on creating a self-sustaining, growing funding mechanism to expand the mission.  Might be an endowment, might be for-profit investment fund, might be an incubator, might be some combination.  We need to talk to people who are veterans of funding innovation (VC, hedge fund and angel investor types), who are as passionate about the mission as we are, to figure it all out.

What the mission doesn’t say, but what I believe, is that this will change the educational landscape permanently and profoundly.  There a a million “ideas” for how to fix the broken system.  The only way change actually will happen is through setting up subversive alternatives that the discontent (that’s you and me) can switch over to and replicate with appropriate modification for their context.  Spirit of Innovation Awards actually works in a big way.

So if you are someone with experience in funding innovation, we’d like you to join us at The Innovation Summit, held this year at NASA Ames, Moffett Field, California, April 8 – 10, 2010. The list of people presenting and attending is impressive, more info here.  RSVP Here.

Whether or not you can come, if you have something to contribute (expertise, connections, money) to the goal of creating this funding mechanism, please either comment publicly below or privately via this link and use the subject “Innovation Fund”.  And let us know whether you will be at the Summit so we can loop you into the breakout session.

  • Grace

    you know how much i love education + tech +innovation- Connect with Dean Kamen re: FIRST There may be a great partnership opp (also with Adventures of Mind. maybe that’s the wrong name- the TED like summit for high school kids. Annie knows the woman who organizes it. Met her at EG.)Which students get to attend this? at what cost?