The Apprentice: Jasmine Stine

I’d like to welcome Jasmine as my new Apprentice.  (You can learn more about her here and here).

I’d also like to thank everyone who threw their hat in the ring and expressed interest in “accelerating possibilities,” as well as those who offered words of endorsement for them.  Stay tuned for an open invitation to join a nascent community of like-minded accelerators.

  • Rafe Furst

    ps, this post is the last time you'll hear me refer to Jasmine as an “Apprentice”. I've always been uncomfortable with that terminology, it was just a necessary evil to convey the idea.

  • Great fuckin' pick!

  • Martin Duvander

    Most important question: does she play volley ball?

    • Rafe Furst

      of course! ask david farzam, we made that the final test.

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  • Anonymous

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