The Apprentice

I’m looking for a budding superstar to be my apprentice.  Someone who is eager to change the world but doesn’t exactly know how they are going to do it.  At first you will be my shadow, learning everything I know.  As soon as possible, you will take on the role of “COO” managing all of my projects.  Once you’ve proven capable, if you are passionate about one project, I’ll fund you to take it supernova, but not before you find your replacement.

Here’s the vision.  I’ve backed off of the communist stance, and I will pay you a salary.  But it will only be enough for you to live modestly for the time being.  The real value is in (a) being passionate about what you are doing with your life and (b) the potential to make a lot of money down the road.

If interested, write one paragraph in the comments below to convince me you are right for the job.  Instead of references, get your friends to hit the Like button on your comment (gaming this will disqualify you).

Referral Bonus

Anyone who recommends an Apprentice that I hire and makes it past three months will receive $10k in funds to (a) have me donate to the 501.c.3 of their choice or (b) invest in the for-profit social enterprise of their choice under the Presumed Abundance model.

An Apprentice who is self-referring is eligible for the bonus themselves.

  • Rafe Furst

    Referral Bonus: anyone who recommends an Apprentice that I hire and makes it past three months will receive $10k in funds to (a) have me donate to the 501.c.3 of their choice or (b) invest in the for-profit social enterprise of their choice under the Presumed Abundance model.

    An Apprentice who is self-referring is eligible for the bonus themselves.

  • Hello Rafe: this is me and the best 3' motivation I can give you. I think my non profit “Ideas Worth Executing” needs some boost to get going. So becoming a paduan looks a nice way.
    I work part time, so I do have basic provisions. Another form of colaboration might also be an option.
    Let's see and find out.

  • Neima Khaila

    I believe I am the right person to fill this role at Rafe, Inc. In terms of potential, I encourage you to look at me as the young Jedi Knight that needs an Obi-Wan Kenobi. I have the hunger, potential, passion, creative thinking abilities and management skills that you are looking for. I have spent the last month in Los Angeles attempting to use my knowledge in finance and pursuing investment banking and other dry, unfulfilling entry level jobs that “fit my qualifications”. I know I am capable of utilizing my capabilities and potential in an environment other than a cubicle. I come from a family of entrepreneurs and have developed a sense of ownership with any work that I take on. Do I want to be rich? Yes, of course. But wanting to somehow make the world better, more efficient and desirable to live in is what motivates me to be successful. I learn best by DOING and making mistakes. If I make a mistake, I guarantee you that it will not happen again and that I will extract knowledge from every experience. This is the formula by which I live and learn most efficiently. I believe that I have a created a strong foundation in terms of my education, work experiences and social capital. Think of me and my core abilities as Barry Bonds in 1998. I am asking you to be the steroids to this equation to help me break the homerun record (I mean this analogy in the most legal/ethical way possible). I do not know exactly where I want to be in 10 years, but I do know that working together will be a mutually beneficial experience. I was ready for this job the day before you posted it and am ready to do whatever necessary to further this opportunity. Let’s change the world Rafe.

  • Rafe,
    My name is

  • Rafe,

    I landed here through an referring tweet from Martin Montero.
    That's a very original idea, and as I can see you have many of those in stock.

    I'm not seeking to apply and I don't mean to intrude, but I thought I should leave you this comment here to keep things in context.

    I created a website that helps people to stay forever connected to their ideas and use their social capital to make things happen.

    Not only can it help you in your quest for an apprentice, it might also be a good way to manage your other projects and put them to work.

    Should you be interested in trying it out and giving me some feedback, please contact me and leave me a message.

    All the best.

    • Jasonmckinley

      Hey Joel:

      I'm interested in your website, please contact me via email [email protected]

  • Rafe, - does location matter to you?

    • Rafe Furst

      What matters to me is that the person not care about location and is eager to do whatever makes sense on this front :-)

  • Rafe,

    I’m a mechanical engineering major at McGill who hates school, loves people, and is hungry as all hell. An aspiring entrepreneur, I haven’t quite found the idea that I want to take to the next level, although believe me, I’m searching diligently. I have a feeling apprenticing for you could help me narrow it down, and I'd relish this opportunity to help you get shit done. I play poker, I am firm believer in your thoughts on investing in people, and I could sell a ketchup Popsicle to Nurse Ratched. You can see me speak at TEDxMcGill (, and Ignite Montreal ( Here are my Twitter ( and LinkedIn profiles ( as well. I was referred to this by Tahnee Pantig ( and if you don’t want to waste your time clicking on all of these links, I’d love to speak with you on the phone at some point this week. Is there a time that works best for you? Looking forward to it,



  • Rafe,

    I’m a mechanical engineering major at McGill who hates school, loves people, and is hungry as all hell. An aspiring entrepreneur, I haven’t quite found the idea that I want to take to the next level, although believe me, I’m searching diligently. I have a feeling apprenticing for you could help me narrow it down, and I'd relish this opportunity to help you get shit done. I play poker, I am firm believer in your thoughts on investing in people, and I could sell a ketchup Popsicle to Nurse Ratched. You can see me speak at TEDxMcGill (, and Ignite Montreal ( Here are my Twitter ( and LinkedIn profiles ( as well. I was referred to this by Tahnee Pantig ( and if you don’t want to waste your time clicking on all of these links, I’d love to speak with you on the phone at some point this week. Is there a time that works best for you? Looking forward to it,



  • Rafe,

    I’m a mechanical engineering major at McGill who hates school, loves people, and is hungry as all hell. An aspiring entrepreneur, I haven’t quite found the idea that I want to take to the next level, although believe me, I’m searching diligently. I have a feeling apprenticing for you could help me narrow it down, and I'd relish this opportunity to help you get shit done. I play poker, I am firm believer in your thoughts on investing in people, and I could sell a ketchup Popsicle to Nurse Ratched. You can see me speak at TEDxMcGill (, and Ignite Montreal ( Here are my Twitter ( and LinkedIn profiles ( as well. I was referred to this by Tahnee Pantig ( and if you don’t want to waste your time clicking on all of these links, I’d love to speak with you on the phone at some point this week. Is there a time that works best for you? Looking forward to it,



    • I highly recommend Max Finder. Active, dynamic, self-motivating, essential team member in many initiatives here in Montreal, the kind of guy who will be 110% involved for that kind of job

      Heri R.,

      Now where is my $10k?

    • While I personally have not met Max as of today, I go to the same university as him in Montreal. While discussing my startup with a musician in my music technology class, he told me that I have to meet Max and that he IS the guy to go to about entrepreneurship. I watched his TEDxMcGill talk and it looks as though he has a firm grasp on the principles of tenacity and work ethic when it comes to entrepreneurship. While I'm not currently in the area, I've often seen on Twitter that Max has gone out of his way to promote meetups that foster an entrepreneurial community in Montreal. If I'm not mistaken, I saw him at the Montreal simulcast of the Startup Lessons Learned Conference. This is sort of my indirect recommendation, so to speak.

    • Max is the kind of guy who if you get an idea, you run it by him right away. I have, and I will again.

    • I can confidently and unequivocally recommend Max Finder for the position, knowing that he will do everything in his power to fill the position.

      I have known Max for over 10 years, and have met few in that span with the intelligence, personality, and drive that Max brings to the table.

    • In my interactions with Max, he's been hard-working, creative and willing to shake things up. If Max wants to apprentice with you, he's got my vote.

    • Max Finder was a speaker at TEDxMcGill with me last year. Every time I try to grow my network, I inexplicably run into someone who Max has done something awesome for.

    • Rafe,

      I've known Max since we were 5 years old, and we remain closest of friends to this day. Growing up together, I got a chance to see his outgoing personality and efficacious drive to succeed evolve. Max always goes full bore into whatever project comes his way, whether it be running for middle school body president or helping design marketing techniques for a fledgeling company looking to make headway in its industry (I experienced this first-hand when we worked together for a summer at a startup taste-marketing company called First Flavor in Bala Cynwyd, PA). His eagerness and creativity when it comes to solving problems are second to none — in fact, those are the kinds of opportunities he lives for. I don't think you'll find one person who isn't highly enthusiastic and sincere in their praise of Max as a person, employee, innovator, promoter, and all-around doer.

      During our high school and early college years, I observed as Max became highly interested in and passion about entrepreneurship, even concocting several ideas to get his career off the ground (just ask him about SwapCatcher and Philly Nights). One thing is for sure: no one will outwork him when it comes to getting the job done, as his endless energy and devotion ensure that he will not rest until the task at hand is completed. Max's unparalleled drive to succeed is but one of the many characteristics that would make him a worthwhile addition to any company or individual with an eye toward changing the world for the better. There isn't enough that can be said about his innate ability to connect with people, form meaningful relationships, and leave a lasting impression on everyone he meets. I wouldn't be surprised if he knows every single person in the city of Montreal (okay, that might be a slight exaggeration, but I don't think it's that far off). Nobody can network quite like Max, that's for sure.

      Over the course of his personal pursuit of entrepreneurial glory, Max has always made sure to align himself with the right people and has worked with numerous successful entrepreneurs along the way, soaking up every morsel of knowledge and feverishly studying their methods of implementation. If there's something that can be done to ensure possible success in the field, you can be damn sure Maxwell Barak Finder will do everything in his power to make it happen.

      I don't know anyone who wants it more than Max; he never shuts up about entrepreneurship and creating/being a part of something that can make a difference. I've seen what he has done during his time at McGill — such as getting involved with TEDxMcGill — to further his understanding of entrepreneurship, reach out to the community, and immerse himself within the culture. His feats in this respect are truly admirable and demonstrate his serious commitment. There's not a single doubt in my mind that Max is the quintessential candidate for the position you are advertising, and all of his accomplished references within the business world will tell you the same thing. He will stop at nothing to turn his dreams into reality — all he needs is a chance, and he'll never disappoint nor look back.

    • Tamar Silberberg

      As General Manager of First Flavor (you may have seen the Tastie cards released by American Greetings), the company referenced by Dan Klausner, I must add that Max Finder is the best. He is a hard worker, gets results and is a total pleasure to work with. He is eager to learn and his drive is contagious.

      Please feel free to reach out to me as a reference. 610-785-1325 x105


  • Ryan Rabbass

    Hi Rafe, I am very intrigued by this position, as I've mentioned before, and having read many of your blogs now, many of these topics are extremely interesting to me. Although i must say, from doing the reading on here, I think I have gotten more of a sense of your intellectual interests rather than the day-to-day activities that you might be involved in. I am curious in the specifics that an apprentice would do, but i will say that, although i might not fit the mold in the sense that I am a professional scientist, investor or engineer, I do posses a passion for many of your interests and am very green to a lot of them, which keeps me open-minded. I will inquire furthur via email. Thanks! ~Ryan

    • Justin

      What makes a man, Mr. Furst? Is it being prepared to do the right thing - whatever the cost?

      I've known Ryan for many years. He is a visionary, a survivor, an intellectual man, a passionate man, tenacious. Those are the qualities I'd describe him.

    • Wleonard

      Rafe-I am a university professor who teaches research methodology and statistics in the social sciences. You say the scientific method is incomplete today. I tend to agree but more so I think there exist some errors of commission and omission that could be remedied through intellectual brainstorming. Having said that, Ryan is your man. I have known him for nearly 20 years. He is bright, always done well academically, and possesses a thirst, curiosity, and passion for understanding science, technology and the cosmos. The fact that he is not a scientist per se I see as a plus insofar as he would come into this apprenticeship open. “hungry”, and curious-and as you know sometimes academic socialization can produce blinders and myopic creativity. If I were in your situation I give him a shot. Wib Leonard

    • Arthur Sellers

      i agree with these two guys. ryan is the best

  • spittman

    Mr. Furst, Having known Ryan and worked with him, I can assure you that he is a dedicated worker with a passion for learning. He is always reading, reaching to understand ideas and concepts most of us find incomprehensible. His tenacity and desire to make a difference, makes hiring Ryan the right choice.

  • Jasonsforman


    Much like a lot of other things you do or have done I find this incredibly interesting and unique. Thank you for providing people the opportunity to “apply” to learn the things that you know and to work with you. As someone that has worked for a few years in the Education field, I am aware of how important it is to be a learner as well as an educator. Since I graduated from College six years ago I have been lucky to work in a number of capacities, as an outdoor educator, teacher, program director, and case manager. I have worked with diverse groups all over the country from Malibu, California to Schenectady, New York to South Boston, Massachusetts. I'm currently still in Boston where I work as the Case Manager for an Alternative High School. Previous to this I served as the Program Director at two different YMCA's. I've taught youth and adults in traditional class rooms, non traditional classrooms, and even in the middle of the woods while working an outdoor educator. All of my work since college has been in the non-profit field. I have found this work incredibly interesting and rewarding, however it is time for a change. Although I know the number itself is arbitrary, I will be turning thirty in March 2011 and I feel something new is necessary for me. I joke around with friends saying that I'm tired of working for non profits, that I'm sick of “doing good”. When I really think about it though I know this is not the case and I do not think I would be happy working for an “evil corporation” or just for the money. I'm not saying I do not want to make money since I'm sure I would enjoy that, just that making money is not my primary goal. More importantly, I would like to make money by doing something with a social benefit that helps people. I believe I have the skills and the work ethic do this, but I am aware that I have a lot to learn. When I find something that interests me where I think I can be successful I throw myself into it. I plan to leave my current position in South Boston at the end of September. I have been considering relocating to the Pacific Northwest but I have the ability to go anywhere and really do anything. As I said earlier, its time for me to make a major change in my life and I feel that working and learning from you would be an excellent way to go about facilitating this change. I would appreciate the opportunity to talk more about myself and the unique skills and qualities I would bring to this with you or others at your convenience. Thank you for the time and opportunity and the possibility of doing this with you.


    Jason S. Forman

  • Joshua Lin

    I have always been conflicted about the privileges I have been given by being born in middle-class America. I enjoy an exceedingly comfortable lifestyle that I often find myself taking for granted. I guess it is human nature to never believe you’re spoiled. But when I see the lifestyle gap between a starving child in India and myself, I question how it can be my birthright to be able to succeed but not the child’s. This is my motivation, but motivation is not enough to make a difference. Though I have taken a mission trip to South Africa to aid the poverty-stricken townships and am currently doing a remote project for a nonprofit in Uganda, I am having trouble finding the best way to help bridge the gap between the world’s lower class and me. All I have is a strong work ethic, an education, limited experience, and a strong desire to help the less fortunate. Although I currently don’t have the direction or business knowledge to execute my worldview, being your apprentice would be a giant first step towards achieving my goals. I am a firm believer that the free market can work to empower the less fortunate as long as there are people who gain utility from helping others in the same way Microsoft or Google gains utility from profit. I am glad that there are people like you that can help confirm my theory. Whether you choose me or not, hopefully I will be able to join you as one of those people.


    Joshua Lin

  • Mawfawker

    kill yourself

    • Mawfawker

      It would do the world a huge favor cause you suck. That being said I'll take your money. I mean I'm not a piece of shit like you, but fuckholes like me should get money from fuckwads like yourself.

  • Well, we know from various things we've both written that we already have some pretty strong synchronicity. You've already led successful start-ups, I'm still wanting to reach that with some pretty amazing ideas about how to capture human information in ways applicable to psychology, the teaching & learning of writing. As I've said for the last few years, I've generally taken things as far as I can - on my own. Now looking to figure out how to attract & lead the team that will offer 21st century tools of insight. That means learning from others who do it. Being homeless, jobless and penniless for almost two years, of course, has not lessened my desires, passion, our intellectual curiosity. Somehow (with the help of friends), despite the set-backs and losing everything, I'm still on the same course: pushing further. So I'd love to learn everything you have to teach, pushing assumptions and boundaries further and further until we find that new product: that software/hardware “thing” which will help more people than anything else we've ever done.

  • Rafe,

    I congratulate your approach and your openness to share some of your life with others.

    I believe I represent the same qualities as yourself only life didn’t put me to the edge with no way out that I could decide, jump and finally fly! I believe that big achievers always have this catharsis moment…

    I believe that I am here to change the world

    I love: knowledge and learning, meet people, new experiences, intelligent talk, travel, holistic thinking,

    I know how to: observe, analyze, think practical, link and connect, create new ideas, attract,

    I know my faults as well.

    Having me as your shadow would guarantee you my fast assimilation of your teaching therefore your satisfaction from my work.

    I am sure that being your shadow will allow me to program new believes system of success and boldness inside myself. Cause I do think I need to reprogram cause my time is here.

    my linkin: email: qi(dot)monika(at)gmail(dot)com

    hope to hear from you


  • Michelle Silver Beukema

    Hi Rafe, I would like to recommend a fantastic candidate to be your apprentice. His name is Bas Beukema. He is originally from the Netherlands but has made L.A. his home. When I saw your post, I couldn't help but shout out loud, “Bas, Bas, he's perfect”. It's as if you were describing him in your post. In full disclosure, he is my husband, so you might assume I would say that, but I am recommending him as a professional, as someone who has worked with him- yet also knows his dreams to make this world a better place in detail. Bas has dedicated his life to trying to make a difference and has been searching for the right opportunity and the right mentor to help along in his journey. His is smart ( holds a MA in International Relations and speaks four languages), creative, possesses a global perspective ( he's lived in and traveled to several countries around the world), a dedicated and diligent worker, but most of all, his greatest gift is the ability to understand and connect with people. He has the ability to truly listen and understand things from other's perspectives- which I believe is key factor in helping create change- understanding the people and systems your are trying help. I've never met a person that doesn't connect with him, from homeless people to diplomats ( seriously). He believes in the idea the best way to help is by creating opportunity for people and communities to help themselves. He has interesting project ideas that he'd like to see come to fruition one day soon, but first he needs guidance from someone like you. He is eager to learn, to apprentice, and would love the opportunity to assist on your projects. I'm sure following his post you will get some glowing reviews about him from people all over the world. Best, Michelle Silver

  • Bas Beukema

    Turning vision into reality: that’s the difference between wanting to help change the world and actually doing it. This has been my dream for as long as I can remember- and with the right guidance, I believe I can move from dreamer to doer. I have been looking for way, and after reading your post, I believe you could help me find it. I am originally from the Netherlands; I speak four languages and have lived in many countries. I have a master’s degree in International Relations, but my biggest asset is my ability to understand and connect with people from all walks of life. While obtaining my master’s degree I spent many years working with mentally disabled adults. I found a great deal of satisfaction and meaning in helping other people and making them feel better. After graduating, I moved to Nicaragua to work for a grassroots NGO where we helped people by teaching them how to help themselves and improve their own lives through education, employment and self- sustaining small businesses. This is what I long to do: create projects that aid those in need by providing them with a sense of empowerment and self-sustainability. I am an out of the box thinker and have recently put my skills to use at the RAND Corporation and the International Medical Core working on a project that improved the implementation of health programming in fragile states including Africa and Afghanistan. I understand it takes more than a do-gooder to make change. I also possess a strong work ethic and a sense for business (being raised by a Dutch salesman will do that to you). I have an intense passion for life and the world around me, and oh yes, I too love poker –although unlike you, I usually lose.

    • Ndnica

      I am writing to recomend BasBeukema. His passion for life includes caring for those who have less and empowering them. He is creative and energetic.
      thanks Rebecca Trujllo Nicaragua

  • Jasmine


    I am the person that you are looking for.

    My whole life I have been running with my feet in the air, my hands exploring many buckets but never going all the way. Being at the Unreasonable Institute this summer gave me my first real taste of what it would be like to take the plunge and hit the ground running. The venture you helped me with this summer is about to mature, and I am looking to take my work to a place where I can spur on not just one but many projects. I will work my ass off for the opportunity to absorb what I can from you in this respect. As my father emphatically told me this morning over breakfast, going in any other direction would be a waste of my time and talent.

    These are my top three qualities that will go to work for you:

    1. A penchant for relentless honesty
    2. A mind and gut that can learn anything when given the pieces
    3. A sense of creativity and wonder that have been known to get me in trouble

    These are the top three qualities I have seen in you that I am looking to assimilate:

    1. An eye for win-win opportunities
    2. A life script of positive self-fulfilling prophecy
    3. No fear of your own potential

    Let’s do this thing.


    • Rafe, Jasmine is a perfect fit for this. She is one of the most capable, articulate, and trustworthy people I know. She knows how to get shit done, how to juggle multiple projects, and most importantly, how to learn those things she doesn't know yet. She is the person I go to for advice on strategic decisions, and she can craft an argument, a presentation, and a pitch like nobody's business. Most importantly, she's a beautiful human being. (Full disclosure: if this works out, Jazzy spends more time in LA, and that makes me happy.)

      • Rafe,

        Drive + intelligence + good nature = Jasmine

        She has an open mind and she approaches new challenges with a smile - she will make the perfect apprentice.


    • Daniel Mokrauer-Madden

      Lots of people can tell you how brilliant Jasmine is, and hopefully all the people who apply for this are absolutely brilliant. What really sets Jasmine apart is how clever she is. She is thoughtful and insightful and has a long free-thinking streak. I really hope Jasmine gets this post, both for her, and for you :)

    • What I truly appreciate most about Jasmine is the depth of her knowledge in a vast array of areas (I find myself constantly thinking “How did she know so much about that?”), but also her humility to know what she doesn't know and ask a lot of questions. She never tries to quickly “get it” and move on; instead, she will keep drilling down until she REALLY understands something. In addition, she keeps life light and fun. This balance is admirable!

    • Jasmine is an incredible, honest, extremely versatile human being. I have never met anyone who is able to converse in such random and deep conversations, while holding herself to a mantra of “I don't take myself too seriously” which is so key in life. She is always able to pick up and get something done when it needs to, and can juggle a TON of crap being thrown her way all at once. I think Unreasonable was a testament to her ability to handle high stress and to still keep her feet on the ground. I highly highly recommend Jasmine.

    • Rafael Smith

      I had the distinct honor of living with Jasmine for 10 weeks this summer at the Unreasonable Institute and say with the utmost sincerity that she is a role model for me and empodies traits that i hope to have both personally and professionally. She will without a doubt go beyond any expectation you have for this aprentice postition. I believe that Rafe, and everyone in his organization will learn as much from Jasmine as she will from you.

      If presumed abundance takes IOU payment I will invest in her in a heartbeat.

      Rafael Smith
      Uber Shelter Project

    • Ben Lyon

      Two words Rafe: DO IT. Hire Jasmine Stine. First, she's totally amazing in every regard. Second, you couldn't make a better decision. In all seriousness, I'd struggle to think of a more committed, passionate person. She's on course to change the world.

      - Ben Lyon

    • Ryan Renner

      Hi Rafe.
      I was privileged to get to know Jasmine over the course of the Unreasonable Institute. From that experience, I'm assured of the following:
      1-She has all of the qualities you're looking for in your job description.
      2-If she needs to make a project happen, she has the network and tenacity to get it done.
      3-I've heard a little bit about your past exploits (source will remain anonymous)- from what I've seen, she can definitely keep up with you.
      4-Jasmine may give you a run for your money in poker, or at the very least remain a valued apprentice around the table.

      She's an amazing person to have on a team. You and the rest of your team will have a blast, and get stuff done, when she becomes your apprentice.


      Ryan Renner
      Light Up Malawi

    • Guido


      At some point I could not really believe that Jasmine was human, I suspected she was some kind of robot sent from the future. There was no way someone could know so much about so many different and seemingly random fields. But she is very human, (or a very good imitation, in any case, if she is a robot for the future, you could not find a better candidate).
      Jasmine can talk to you about converting car engines to work with cooking oil to alternative currencies in theory and _practice_ (a very good background if you are interested in post scarcity stuff), classy body art, odd jobs and media, among many other things. I could never get bored with Jasmine, she is a box of surprises, of neat, interesting, useful surprises, and she is sunny, illuminating lives, being around her is easy and relaxing. Plus, she is competent and creative, her presentations kick ass.

    • Maria Springer

      Jasmine is one of my idols! She doesn't know a little bit about everything, she knows A LOT about everything. Typical conversations for Jasmine include: creating currencies, art made with salt as a medium, feminism, sexism, building a team, negotiating investment from billionaires, cooking, hip hop, and the future of our world. She is as versatile as they comes and is able to execute. Her passion, conviction and intelligence is inspiring and moves people to action. I consider it an honor to know her. Working with her will be a privilege and I know you will learn just as much as she does.
      DO IT!

    • Anuroop Iyengar

      My testimonial to Jazz : 'Just GRAB her!'. A very intelligent, thoughtful & passionate person blessed with a business brain.


    • Tim Callahan

      Here are a number of words that I think accurately describe Jazmania: Motivated. Brilliant. Understanding. Curious. Flexible. Good-natured. Ethical. You are looking for somebody to gobble up what you teach and then not be afraid to take the reins and implement your instruction. I am certain Jasmine would do just that. She has great insight and a keen business savvy. Get her on board!

    • Emily Kerr


      You and Jazzy share two qualities that I think are unbeatable:

      1) You are both self-aware and oriented to progress. Which means that as great as she is today (and, given the comments you see here, she IS great), she is able to really see her actions and their consequences and evolve accordingly. It's a quality that's not common, and I think is completely indispensable.

      2) You both listen with your full bodies and hearts and minds. Jasmine has a special skill for understanding.

      That's all. Go ahead and hire her, I think.

      Un abrazo,

    • Rafe,

      I don't even know where to start with a reference for Jasmine Stine. She is beyond doubt one of the most intelligent, incredible, dynamic, self-aware, emotionally-intelligent human beings I have ever known in my entire life.

      Others below have left comments that are testament to her character, her dedication to integrity, her compassion, and her sense of humor.

      I think what truly makes Jasmine special is her commitment to growth. She is a voracious learner. The kind that if lived in the time of Plato would have been his best friend. She can learn ANYTHING. In her life she has learned how to convert a car to run on vegetable oil, to knit, to cook food ranging from Armenian to Indian, to start a company, to milk a cow, to set up a tent and navigate the wilderness, to timber frame, to design costumes, and to paint. She's even a wine and cheese specialist.

      This is simply evidence for one thing: Jasmine can learn anything.

      You combine that with her exceptional intelligence, drive, diligence, creativity, and compassion and you've got perhaps the best apprentice you could ever ask for.

      Rafe, I'm sure you have incredible applicants for this position and it would be irresponsible for me to claim this is no contest and that you should unequivocally select Jasmine. All I know, however, is that if you chose her, you would never look back.

    • daniel rosen


      Jasmine is your personal special forces unit. Let me define what I mean by this. If you show Jasmine the target, you don't need to tell her the steps to get there, but you can be confident that the target and goal will be reached. One way or the other, with the knife between her teeth, Jasmine will have achieved what it was she set out to do.

      It really is perfect for her and you. Jasmine and I had a long conversation recently about her fears reaching her potential. I think that her honesty and willingness to learn this skill from you (reference “top 3 qualities I have seen in you..#3) shows her ability to understand her vulnerabilities and knows who to turn to for guidance and cultivation of her path.

      I love Jasmine. I think you are fantastic and I respect the life you have built and pursued. I am so excited for this. I think together ya'll can create some kinky disruptive shit that the world will be thankful for.

      Daniel Rosen

    • Rafe

      The sheer number and quality of Jasmine's testimonials speak for themselves. However, reading through these I realised that one of Jasmine's qualities I most admire had not yet been presented: her intuition. Jasmine has an incredible ability to read an individual or situation, then quickly and effortlessly work out what needs to be said or done to leap forward. This combined with her agility makes her an exceptional entrepreneur and, I think, apprentice. Do it. You won't have any regrets.


    • Rafe,

      During this summer was a pleasure to share the same roof with Jasmine at the Unreasonable Institute. During this period, I could see the motivation for a cause, the confidence and the agility to understand a situation and act in the right way. Besides this, she is a very coherent and honest person living what she believes. Do It!

      Fernando Gil

    • Rafe,

      It was a real honor to meet you this summer.

      I spent 10 weeks living with Jasmine this summer and she is truly amazing. Strong-minded but eager to learn. Straightforward but understanding. And above all I remember her being one of the most humble fellows.
      Another important aspect is that she is fun!
      I know you are a poker player and here you have the choice. Rafe here you can win because jasmine is a “royal flush”. Take it or leave it! Personally I would take it!



  • Rafe –
    I’m a tremendous fan of your blog and have been extremely impressed with the various projects you are driving. Thanks for this great opportunity.

    Who Am I?
    I am a former management consultant currently pursuing an M.B.A at the Goizueta Business School at Emory University. I am half way through the two-year program and am currently living off of the support of my loving wife and the money I stashed away grinding poker on weekends. In my free time, I am a competitive tennis player, globe traveler, and avid sports fan.

    How can I help?
    During my 5 years as a consultant I developed a strong foundation in strategic problem solving, communications, and presentation building. I am a certified project management professional (PMP) and am confident that I could help you complete projects on time and on budget.

    Why am I interested?
    I am a passionate believer in entrepreneurship and the crucial role that start-ups play driving change and lifting the economy. I plan to launch my own venture one day, but before making the leap, I know there is a lot that I can learn from a seasoned entrepreneur. Rafe, I am interested in learning directly from you because I admire your unique experiences and I feel that our social and philanthropic values are closely aligned.


  • Daan

    Hi Rafe,

    Let me recommend Bas Beukema to you. A red-haired global citizen who is dedicated, open-minded and passionate about changing the world for the better. Having lived and worked in Holland, Turkey, Nicaragua and now LA he's not afraid of new challenges and outside the box thinking.


  • Hanne

    Hi Rafe:
    I am writing to you to recommend Bas Beukema to you as your apprentice. You could not do better than Bas. He is highly intelligent, motivated and driven to make this world better as is evidenced by a lifetime of service to those who need help the most. He has a very clear vision about the meaning and focus of his life. He is highly creative and has an unparalleled sense of wonder. Bas' academic background and language skills coupled with his hands-on work on many continents will give you an eager apprentice at your side with an endless thirst for knowledge who is passionate about “getting it done” - no holds barred!
    Hanne Mintz
    (no, I am NOT his mother, just a friend who goes through life with her eyes open!)

  • Ok here it goes. I am a shear sharpener's apprentice traveling the states and learning a craft, an art rather. I was a computer help desk rep for 8 years. Before that I was a data security analyst. Neither of them filled the need for accomplishment.
    I worked as a street vendor's assistant as my first job on Venice beach, Ahhh Venice. I was a paperboy for years and a lawnmower always and then found my first restaurant job, dishwasher. Moved up to busboy and then remained a well groomed waiter for the next 12 years, tossing in bar backing and bartending in the mix. Somewhere along life I lost my way and am steading reclaiming my life. I believe working with you would expand my horizons and channel my energies towards a better good all the while improving my life and my daughter's life to the level of my expectations and dreams. I have built my new life in my mind and painting it as I go. Maybe you could teach me some new methods for making slingshots with rubber bands and paperclips. Think well upon giving me a chance at an avenue of wonder along my path to building my dreams. Yours Truly, Bobby

  • Tim Golden

    I'm inspired by the challenge and opportunity. Through life, I've come to believe that the most powerful things out there are beliefs. Both beliefs and ideas shape opinions and attitude. Attitude inspires behavior, and behavior brings forth into the world actions stemming directly from the much deeper ideals. This function can bring harm or health to the world. Understanding it and how an increased awareness of more and more people through self-discovery can and will incite a positive societal shift – and playing a role in that shift – is my mission. I live my life on multiple levels. At the core resides a deep-seeded sense of social obligation and a drive pursuing expression and the true understanding of place and purpose – an ardorous curiosity of systems and functions. Nearing the surface, a blend of a pro-active doer and achiever takes form. High-octane in nature, I thrive on challenge, adversity, and diversity –- process as well as results. Backed by creative zeal and a knack for learning through experience, I strive for action and to bring forth a vision and idea into the world. To this end, the path of the apprentice is one of utmost relevance. As it is said, one must stand on the shoulders of giants to reach the stars. To truly unlock the capacity of effectiveness to full scale, I embrace the challenge and am certain that my past diversity of experiences, my mixed-basket of talents, and my blend of skill and know-how will make for a synergy with supernova capabilities.

  • Silvana Berberian

    Hello, I have vast experience in all aspects of stage productions and special events including booking/securing bands, negotiating the terms of contracts, planning and executing the special events.During my extensive tenure at my current job, I have had the pleasure of working with world-renowned stars such as Justin Bieber, Snoop Dog, Timbaland, Pitbull & Mariah Carey, just to name a few. I have also planned and executed grand openings for various tenants including Samba Brazilian Steakhouse & Lounge, the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club, Pink's, Dodger Store and more. For the past 11 years Produced, coordinated & Executed Seasonal events & special Events (Clients). I would be honored to be part of your team.
    Please feel free to review my linked in page.
    Portfolio & Resume Available upon request.
    Thank You

    • We are a professional reference for Silvana. We worked with her on one of her productions at Universal as we were a band she hired to play that day. She was one of the most in tune, productive people I have seen in the industry. She was on point at all moments, consistently working and never just hanging out or socializing. She would be an amazing apprentice to anyone in need. Best choice!

      Thank you,
      Annette Starbuck
      Artist Manager
      A Living Daylight

    • Firedyer

      Here's a reference for Silvana… She's AWESOME! I've been under her care as an entertainer and talent for many of her event productions for over 10 years now and she is thorough, efficient, dedicated, and excellent at what she does! And she can make the show go on at the same time as keeping everyone motivated and happy to be there! She would be an important addition to your staff and you shouldn't miss an opportunity to work with her!

      Karen Dyer
      Professional Performing Artist

    • Babaramdodge

      Silvana is what we call in the theater: a trooper. She is organized, level-headed and a great manager and facilitator of people - both young and old. I have complete confidence in her ability to contribute to any organization of which she is a part. I would recommend her as an apprentice in any manner: shadowing and then heading for her supernova and taking on the challenge of mentoring someone else. She's a star-in-waiting.

    • if you want an answer to your question, now. You call Silvana

    • Ronata Longmire

      Ms, Berberian is one of the most doggedly dedicated professionals I have ever had the opportunity to work along side. She knows her business and not only will do her job, she will do yours as well if you are not up to the task. She is a team player but also thrives on her own. She'd make an outstanding asset to any organization and you'll wonder how you ever got along B.B. (Before Berberian!)

    • Buffyworld2

      Silvana is as “Pro” as they get. We have worked with her on several different projects on many different levels. She is always well prepared with an attention to detail, organized, and gets the job done with a smile. Whenever unforeseen problems occur she resolves the matter effectively and quickly. She would be an asset to anyone that she works with and make an excellent Apprentice.

      Buffy Hornung
      Producer, Performer

    • Patrickmoloney

      Silvana workd for me at Universal Studios when i was VP of Entertainment. She is a true pro and a pleasure to work with. i highly recommedn her and would love to work with her again.

      Please feel free to cantact me if you would like a more complete reference.

      Patrick Moloney

    • Socalraidergirl

      I've had the great pleasure of working with Silvana for the past 3 years. She is a consummate professional who is innovative, energetic and organized. Her services to ensure our venue has successful events is invaluable! She will be an asset to your company.

      Jackie Kaufman
      Manager, The Raider Image

  • lupita Rios

    hi this is a personal reference for Silvana Berberian.
    she's a great person always giving the best of herself, hardworking, honest, very responsible and conscious of her Family, friends and people around her. Plus, when you´re around her you can see how fun and smart she is
    passionate about her work, dedicated and again very responsible . a great person .
    if you get to hire her, you´ll be lucky to count with someone like her in your team and never regret it.

    Lupita Rios

  • Oggarza

    Silvana Berbarian would be the prefect apprentice

  • Dan Loughry

    As part of the Legal team at Universal, it's been a pleasure to work with Silvana over the years. Her attention to detail - both for the events themselves and from a document standpoint - is unparallelled, and she's always a joy to work with, no small attribute in a business as fast paced as ours. She'd make a phenomenal asset to your team.

  • Star Child

    I have had the honor to work with Silvana a few years ago at UCW with my performance troupe. Not only was she professional and on her game every moment of the way, she was also super fun and enthusiastic about her work and life in general. I highly recommend her for the apprentice position, any organization that gets to work with her is sure to succeed!

    Star Child
    Stilt Circus, Inc.

  • Lupe Franco-Butler

    I have had the pleasure of working with Silvana and highly recommend her for this position. In her current job, she oversees and manages stage productions from the inception phase to completion. She has vast experience working with a variety of special events including grand openings and big stage productions. She will be an asset to your team.

  • Chris Anthony

    Along with the many professionals who can attest to Silvana's professionalism and skill, I can also say that she is a young woman with great commitment to her community. I think that Silvana is more than capable of changing the world. It's just a question of where she will begin.
    Chris Anthony
    Community-based Artist

  • JD Brown

    Sylvania is a very hard working individual. She strives to make the production and execution of events go perfectly. I had the pleasure of working with her for over two years and saw her strong work ethic and would gladly recommend her to be on your team.

    ~JD Brown