July, 2010

The Apprentice

I’m looking for a budding superstar to be my apprentice.  Someone who is eager to change the world but doesn’t exactly know how they are going to do it.  At first you will be my shadow, learning everything I know.  As soon as possible, you will take on the role of “COO” managing all of my projects.  Once you’ve proven capable, if you are passionate about one project, I’ll fund you to take it supernova, but not before you find your replacement.

Here’s the vision.  I’ve backed off of the communist stance, and I will pay you a salary.  But it will only be enough for you to live modestly for the time being.  The real value is in (a) being passionate about what you are doing with your life and (b) the potential to make a lot of money down the road.

If interested, write one paragraph in the comments below to convince me you are right for the job.  Instead of references,