Getting Things Undone

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by your inbox, meeting schedule, and list of phone calls to make or return?  Have you ever wished you could include a wide audience in your one-on-one communications so that we could all benefit from wisdom of the crowd?  If so, you might like my new policy for all business-related communications.


  • Non-private: instead use Accelerating Possibilities FB Group.  (and I don’t do FB private messages).
  • Private: I read every email but only respond if I feel it’s truly a private matter and I’m interested in responding.

Phone & Video Chat

  • Non-private: Create a Vokle Event and post the subject of the discussion to the FB group above.  If I can make it, I will, but hopefully others will join you regardless.
  • Private: Email me your phone number and I will put you on my list of people to call when I have time.  I can’t promise if/when I will call you though.

In Person Meetings

  • Non-private: Try me at Hub LA Open Fridays 2pm-5pm.  I also sometimes pick a public spot and time period, and invite anyone from Accelerating Possibilities FB Group to join me.
  • Private: see “Non-private”


  1. If I’m requesting a meeting/discussion with you and you’d prefer it happen a certain way, I’m happy to follow your desires or policy.
  2. Organizations I’m in a fiduciary relationship with (e.g. as investor, board member, etc.).
  3. Purely social visits/calls/emails.

  • Glad to know you still read emails even if you only selectively respond. I got an auto-reply once informing me of this new policy and I got discouraged from sending another email since. Will continue to send your private messages through email, but will try to make anything public posted on the facebook group. Twas good vokeling with you today as well.