Five Things You Can Do Right Now to Improve Your Life

1. Smile.

2. Spend time with friends, or even try and make a new one.

3. Help another person. Donate a small amount of money, that has nominal value to you, but significant value to someone else. (Kiva, Vittana Foundation.)

4. Quit Smoking. It might be even worse for you today.

5. Stop worrying about tomorrow.

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  • Orlando

    1. I’m not good at smiling, but I’m working on it.
    2. All my clients are my friends, so I’ve got that covered.
    3. Just gave $2,500 (today) to http:/ and I sit on their Board.
    4. Does that mean I can dip my Copenhagen any more?
    5. I’ve got to work on this one :)

    I don’t know that it’s improved my life (I still feel horrible), but I hope it has helped someone.

  • Bling779

    even though these things can help improve your mood, they are a means not a cure. to really feel happy or feel good you must be honest with your self and see what intension are you possessing deep inside? what are your internal motivators? are they seeking shallow things or truth? i sugguest reading this book called “change the way you see everything” by kathryn cramer. it may open your eyes to positive thinking. its a super easy to read book, its actually a picture book with like a few paragraphs on each page. few words but they go a long way. if that book doesn’t do it for you then ” how to stop worrying and start living” by dale carnegie is a classic in the self help genre of books.

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