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  • acebailey

    I remember in about 1972 when my grandmother was visiting from England that we got a telemarketing call and she commented “Well at home you pay for every call so this sort of thing wouldn’t happen” Maybe she was onto something!

  • DennisP

    Seems to me a better way is to pay the recipient. If he finds your email worthless, at least you’ve paid him a bit for his time. On the other hand, if he replies to you, your net cost (and his) really is zero.

  • danielhorowitz

    Yes, if we look at attention as the commodity then paying the recipient model has merit.

  • Daniel Carrera

    Paying the recipient leaves no incentive for senders to join, therefore, it is unlikely to reach a critical mass. Furthermore, paying the recipient invites spammers to steal your money by making your computer send emails to them.

  • danielhorowitz

    Hi Daniel -

    Good points. There is no incentive for senders to join the pay-the-recipient model. (I needed to read the paper again)


  • zixmail

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  • aquaracer

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