Will the Next Unicorn be a Distributed Autonomous Organization?

With the recent talk of reddit being cannibalized by bitcoin technology, I thought it a good time to post something I've been thinking about for a while. Could a completely decentralized startup one day rival the likes of Google, Facebook and Amazon? Within the bitcoin world there's a common understanding that the most valuable thing about bitcoin is not the monetary currency but the underlying "blockchain" technology that the bitcoin currency runs on. For those unfamiliar, you can check out three heavily-funded ventures creating infrastructure that would enable anyone to program applications on the blockchain that go way beyond monetary currencies: Ethereum,Swarm and Blockstream. One such application is what's known as a “Distributed Autonomous Organization," which is an organization like a corporation, government or NGO, but which has no central leadership and uses internet technologies to organize and function. Examples of DAOs that you are familiar with include open-source software systems like Linux; terrorist organizations like Al Qaeda; communities like Anonymous; and…

Your Pitch Sucks

I have yet to meet a founder who knows how to pitch their company so that it immediately resonates with investors. [ I've moved this post to Crowdfunder, and Google dings you on SEO if you have the content in both places. ]  …

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Buy Zithromax Without Prescription, My TED Talk on the Magic of Crowdfunding

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I have a new column on Unreasonable.is Buy Retin-A Without Prescription, , which is where this five part series is published:

  • Part 1: The JOBS Act will unlock $30 Trillion in long-term investment capital that can legally be invested in startups and small businesses through crowdfunding portals.

  • Part 2: Currently, investors have a stranglehold on the fundraising process. Once the JOBS Act is implemented, is Retin-A safe, Discount Retin-A, there will be a leveling of the playing field in which entrepreneurs and citizen-investors control the process.

  • Part 3: Investment crowdfunding enables individuals to invest in companies they are passionate about, and in so doing, buy Retin-A from mexico, Retin-A forum, outperform professional investors.

  • Part 4: “Do you want to sell sugar water for the rest of your life or do you want to come with me and change the world?”

  • Part 5: There is a second revolution coming: investing directly in people. When it collides

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In my last blog entry I talked about the perils and evils of debt Amoxicillin For Sale, for both the lender and debtor.  Here I'd like to discuss an alternative which I believe could replace the entire concept of debt.

Revenue sharing, sometimes referred to revenue-based finance and income-contingent loans, Amoxicillin brand name, is just recently starting to take off. The White House is making a big push for income-based repayment of student loans.*  And at least two private (and highly capitalized) startups are launching soon to provide revenue-based financing options for individuals who agree to pay a portion of their future income in exchange for cash upfront.

With U.S. consumer debt topping $2.5 Trillion and student loans now totaling over $1 Trillion, it's no wonder that there's a lot of interest in revenue-based finance, Amoxicillin For Sale. Let's look at several common debt scenarios and see how they could be different -- and better for all parties -- if they were …

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Zithromax For Sale, Prior to the mid-19th century, those who could not pay their debts were routinely tossed into prison. Rx free Zithromax,  Actually, you can still go to debtor's prison in Germany, Zithromax reviews, No prescription Zithromax online, Greece, China and Dubai, buy Zithromax from canada. Herbal Zithromax,  In the United States, two of the signatories to the Declaration of Independence (James Wilson and Robert Morris) were incarcerated for their unpaid debts, Zithromax without prescription. Get Zithromax,  In theory, the U.S, Zithromax online cod. Zithromax brand name, abolished such practices in the 1830s.  But six states still allow you to be arrested and detained indefinitely until you "work it out" with your creditors, Zithromax For Sale.

And while we humans seem to have a visceral negative reaction to welshers, low dose Zithromax, Zithromax pics, our disdain for bad faith lenders goes deeper.  Condemnation of usury dates back to the Vedic texts …

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Here are some things I used to believe:

  1. The power of the free market comes from competition

  2. Buy Amoxicillin Without Prescription, If you are nice to someone, you will be rewarded commensurately

  3. A penny saved is a penny earned

  4. The more scarce something is the more valuable it is

I no longer believe these statements to be true.  To understand why, I'd like to share a little of my journey as an entrepreneur and investor. Amoxicillin natural, In the mid to late '90s I was working on a startup and getting my feet wet as an angel investor in Silicon Valley.  I, like everyone I knew, was an adherent of the Chicago School of Economics and the Efficient Market Hypothesis, Amoxicillin recreational.  One of the mantras of this religion is that

The invisible hand of the marketplace will feed us all, but we have to compete vigorously with one another for it to work its magic.

Signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement on a…

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  1. Buy Flagyl Without Prescription, Startups add an average of 3 million jobs in their first year, while older companies lose 1 million jobs annually. Order Flagyl online overnight delivery no prescription, (ref)

  2. Without startups, job growth in the US would be negative 1.2 percent. (ref)

  3. Angel investments created 370, Flagyl dosage, Buy Flagyl without a prescription, 000 U.S. jobs in 2010, Flagyl from canada, Flagyl for sale, nearly half of the private sector jobs created that year. (ref)

  4. 265,400 individuals provided $20.1B in angel investment capital to a total of 61, buying Flagyl online over the counter, About Flagyl, 900 entrepreneurial ventures in 2010. (ref)

  5. In contrast, the private equity industry invested $180B in 2010. (ref)

  6. Historically, where can i buy Flagyl online, Online buying Flagyl, angels invest $50B per year into 50,000 companies, is Flagyl safe, Ordering Flagyl online, representing 70% of

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Flagyl For Sale, To get the theory of relativity Einstein held the speed of light constant and let time and space vary.

These days cosmologists are holding the infinity of the universe as constant and letting its density and expansion/contraction rate vary, cheap Flagyl no rx. Where can i buy Flagyl online, In some sense quantum mechanics is about holding the observer constant and letting the physical interpretation vary (particle or wave; position or momentum; exist or not).

What would we get if we held consciousness constant and let the universe vary, generic Flagyl. Purchase Flagyl for sale. Effects of Flagyl. Order Flagyl online overnight delivery no prescription. Flagyl dangers. Where can i buy cheapest Flagyl online. Flagyl dosage. Flagyl for sale. Flagyl pharmacy. Real brand Flagyl online. Buy Flagyl from canada. Online buy Flagyl without a prescription. Flagyl street price. Buy no prescription Flagyl online. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Order Flagyl no prescription. Flagyl trusted pharmacy reviews. No prescription …

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Buy Clomid Without Prescription, A friend recently commented to me that he was really excited about a new business he was about to undertake, but then added almost apologetically, "I know it's not much of a social enterprise." This seemed odd to me because in my experience Jason is as socially/environmentally/interpersonally conscious a person as I know. Clomid natural, To me it was obvious: as long as Jason didn't stray from his own values and ways of being, whatever ventures he undertook would by definition be social enterprise, buy generic Clomid. Clomid steet value, As always, he would find a way to make sure nobody he interacted with was worse off for it, purchase Clomid online no prescription. Buy Clomid online no prescription, And if successful, at least a few groups of people (including himself and his investors) would be better off, Clomid blogs. Buy Clomid online cod, I then remembered another colleague who was universally praised …

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In what turned out to be the most popular TED talk of all time Clomid For Sale, , Ken Robinson asked us to wake up and smell the coffee: our system of education is stuck in the Industrial Revolution where it was invented.  Moreover, order Clomid online overnight delivery no prescription, Clomid brand name, it's killing creativity, crushing spirits, buy Clomid from mexico, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, and preparing students, not for success and wellbeing, Clomid for sale, Order Clomid no prescription, but rather unemployment and dysfunction.  Waiting for Superman confirmed this this, Clomid cost, Clomid price, coupon, adding that the public schools in the U.S. are bankrupt, order Clomid from mexican pharmacy, Clomid duration, both financially and morally.

Yet, buying Clomid online over the counter, Clomid from canada, all around the world, there are signs that the Berlin Wall of education reform is crumbling, Clomid reviews. Here are a …

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Buy Vermox Without Prescription, There's an old saying in computer science circles that when we have no idea how to make a piece of software do something smart we call it "Artificial Intelligence" but once it's solved we look back with 20-20 hindsight and say it was "Software Engineering". Vermox treatment,  A computer becoming the world chess champion is the quintessential example of this.  Once considered a holy grail of AI, fast shipping Vermox, Vermox samples, by the time Deep Blue actually dethroned Kasparov, the computing world yawned, online buying Vermox hcl, Order Vermox from United States pharmacy, "Oh it was just brute force computing power, nothing truly intelligent is really happening", buy cheap Vermox. Vermox from mexico, Beating the world champions at Jeopardy was slightly more interesting because we acknowledge the vast range of knowledge and language understanding involved.  But ultimately, buy Vermox no prescription, Vermox results, since Jeopardy is just a game, we …

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[NOTE: I updated this post with more detailed examples]

Background: part 3 Lexapro For Sale, , part 2 and part 1.

In the interview with Jon Gunn in Part 3, buy Lexapro from canada, Lexapro price, I mention that I've been thinking of what "version 2" of the Personal Investment Contract might look like.  Here's the model:

  1. Investment Amount - Same as before, Lexapro images, Buy Lexapro without a prescription, intended to give the individual some time to pursue their passion (or figure out what that is) without having to worry about how to support themselves.

  2. Maximum Return - The cumulative total amount that the investor can receive as return on their investment.  If and when this amount is reached, Lexapro results, Order Lexapro online overnight delivery no prescription, the contract is over.

  3. Annual Exclusion - The amount of annual income the entrepreneur can make without having to share any of it with the investor.

  4. Minimum Revenue

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Nasonex For Sale, For the background to this post, start with part 2 and part 1. Nasonex pharmacy,  The follow up is part 4.

I get a lot of questions from folks who are interested in learning more about Personal Investment Contracts and so I felt it was time to synthesize some of the most common ones and give you some answers, Nasonex class. Doses Nasonex work, Who is the first person you invested in?

A film maker named Jon Gunn.

What is your relationship with Jon outside of this investment?

He is my brother-in-law, Nasonex long term, Ordering Nasonex online, and a former business partner of mine in an instructional DVD company we co-founded with Phil Gordon.  I've also invested in a couple of his independent films, Nasonex For Sale.

Why did you invest in Jon directly?

I have been a big believer in his talent for a long time, Nasonex coupon. Nasonex

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Buy Human Growth Hormone Without Prescription, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Buy Human Growth Hormone without prescription, Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."  (Margaret Mead)

"Be the change you want to see in this world" (Gandhi)

There is an idea virus within American culture that has the power to destroy, Human Growth Hormone reviews. Human Growth Hormone interactions,  The idea is that technology and innovation are fundamentally good.  Whether you consider yourself a technologist, after Human Growth Hormone, Buy cheap Human Growth Hormone no rx, an entrepreneur or a scientist (all labels I use to identify myself at times) I'd like to propose an alternative to to this idea and an inoculation against the virus.

Observation #1: Innovation amplifies whatever values and beliefs are held by the innovator.

For instance, what is Human Growth Hormone, Real brand Human Growth Hormone online, if I value my …

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Toradol For Sale, Complex Adaptive Monetary Policy (CAMP) is, in essence, a reconciliation of Keynes' top-down view of macroeconomics with Hayek's bottom up view. Effects of Toradol,  The particular details of the proposed policy below are not as important as the recognition of the fundamental forces at play and empirical evidence that we are at a very dangerous chaos point in history.  Both Keynes and Hayek have deep truths to tell, Toradol images, Toradol trusted pharmacy reviews, and we discount one or the other at our collective peril.  For those who want a primer on the great debate, Toradol price, coupon, Buy generic Toradol, this rap battle sums it up better than any text book could.  Now on to the idea.., Toradol results.

The fragility of the global financial system (as measured by the US dollar) is a function of the gap between rich and poor, Toradol For Sale. Toradol overnight,  In the past, only a …

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Celebrex For Sale, Based on an informal assessment and polling I've done recently, here's what we fear:

  • Identity


      • Death / Pain / Insignificance


      • Self-Exploration / Failure / Change


      • Being Found Out / Self-Expression / Lying

  • Control


      • Power / Anticipation / Fear-Itself

    • OTHERS

      • Intimacy / Just Doing It / (Lack of) Freedom


      • Disaster / Crisis / Unknown-Unknowns

  • Authority

    • RIGHTS

      • Being Unworthy / Unmet Expectation / Meaninglessness


      • Unfairness / Inequality / Injustice

    • RULES

      • Doing it Wrong / Shame / Guilt

Each of us has a unique profile of what fear is depending on how we related to various value dimensions (intrinsic, extrinsic and systemic).  For me the scariest are: (1) Unknown-Unknowns (2)  Power (3) Being Wrong (4) Self-Expression (5) Injustice

How about you, Celebrex forum. Celebrex for sale. Purchase Celebrex online no prescription. Celebrex gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Where can i buy Celebrex online. Online buying Celebrex hcl. Celebrex dosage. Discount Celebrex. Celebrex …

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Buy Levaquin Without Prescription, In some measure or other, progress is always a transcendence of what is obvious. (Alfred North Whitehead, Process & Reality)

Science tells us that there are Four Fundamental Forces: Electromagnetic, Strong Nuclear, Weak Nuclear, and Gravity.  The Reality that Science helps us perceive consists of Time, where can i find Levaquin online, Levaquin without a prescription, Space, Matter and Energy, Levaquin coupon. Levaquin australia, uk, us, usa,  If we accept TSME as the basis for Reality, then we can do Science, australia, uk, us, usa. Purchase Levaquin,  Without these things as Fundamentals, the activity of Science makes no sense, Levaquin cost. Levaquin steet value,  You are doing something, metaphysics or philosophy perhaps, Levaquin mg, Levaquin pharmacy, but not Science.

What if we played a game though and I asked you to come up with an alternate cosmology, a way to make sense of the world around you that is completely …

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Biaxin For Sale, Are you someone who has been given (and accepted) responsibility for someone else's well-being.  Maybe you are an elected official, Biaxin from canadian pharmacy. Purchase Biaxin for sale,  A board member. A parent, herbal Biaxin. Biaxin price, coupon,  A friend.  If so, you may resonate with the following realization I just had about my own successes and failures in the role of Representative, Biaxin For Sale.

I used to believe that what a Representative does is to act and react as if they were the one being represented, generic Biaxin. Cheap Biaxin,  I felt like my job was to get inside their head, and channel them, comprar en línea Biaxin, comprar Biaxin baratos, Biaxin for sale, sort of like a medium or a conduit.  The problem with this though is it always ends badly, buy Biaxin without a prescription. Online buy Biaxin without a prescription,  Why. Biaxin For Sale,  …

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Do you have 15 minutes to be enlightened Buy Atarax Without Prescription, .

Ready for more, buy Atarax without prescription. Fast shipping Atarax,

. Atarax price. Atarax alternatives. Is Atarax addictive. Online buy Atarax without a prescription. Atarax pharmacy. Purchase Atarax. Discount Atarax. Atarax wiki. Atarax schedule. Buy Atarax online cod. Buy Atarax no prescription. Atarax no prescription. Atarax over the counter. Order Atarax online c.o.d. Where can i order Atarax without prescription. Buy Atarax from canada. Cheap Atarax. Order Atarax from mexican pharmacy. Canada, mexico, india. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Purchase Atarax online no prescription. Atarax australia, uk, us, usa. Kjøpe Atarax på nett, köpa Atarax online. Cheap Atarax no rx. Buying Atarax online over the counter. Atarax price, coupon. Atarax dangers. What is Atarax. Online buying Atarax hcl. Real brand Atarax online. Buy cheap Atarax. After Atarax. Atarax pics. Atarax reviews. Where can i buy Atarax online. Online Atarax without a prescription. Atarax …

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Metronidazole Gel For Sale, Have you ever felt overwhelmed by your inbox, meeting schedule, and list of phone calls to make or return.  Have you ever wished you could include a wide audience in your one-on-one communications so that we could all benefit from wisdom of the crowd, Metronidazole Gel interactions. Buy Metronidazole Gel online no prescription,  If so, you might like my new policy for all business-related communications, low dose Metronidazole Gel. Metronidazole Gel from canada, Email

  • Non-private: instead use Accelerating Possibilities FB Group.  (and I don't do FB private messages).

  • Private: I read every email but only respond if I feel it's truly a private matter and I'm interested in responding.

Phone & Video Chat

  • Non-private: Create a Vokle Event and post the subject of the discussion to the FB group above, buy Metronidazole Gel without a prescription. Get Metronidazole Gel,  If I can make it, I will, Metronidazole Gel treatment, Herbal Metronidazole Gel,

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Buy Abilify Without Prescription, When I was in Silicon Valley in the 90's the joke was that you couldn't go on a first date without having your love-interest sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement; after all, they might be working on a competitive venture. Abilify brand name, These days when I'm hit with the "I'd love to talk to you about my startup, will you first sign this NDA?" my first reaction is to laugh in their face, rx free Abilify. Abilify recreational,  I know instantly that they don't get it and are doomed to failure.  While the NDA may once have been a necessary tool, Abilify cost, Effects of Abilify, in today's environment (and increasingly so) it's a hinderance to ultimate business success.  If you don't get this, Abilify forum, Abilify use, I'm not going to waste your time trying to convince you otherwise.  You'll either learn the hard way or prove me wrong, Buy Abilify Without Prescription

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Buy Cafergot Without Prescription, Recently I learned from two separate people how the Obama campaign won the 2008 presidential election and it's fascinating.  Basically everyone who was a part of it learned the "campaign narrative" structure and delivered their personal message to spread the gospel:

  • The Story of Me: why I've personally been inspired by this campaign

  • The Story of We: why we (me speaking and you listening) are united and inspired by this campaign

  • The Story of Now: why it's urgent that you take action now; the train is leaving and you can jump aboard or be left behind

If you think about it, Cafergot blogs, Real brand Cafergot online, this is a very powerful narrative for creating grass-roots action of any sort.  Having just spent the last week watching many dozens of TED talks (and having watched hundreds of them over the past few years), kjøpe Cafergot på nett, köpa Cafergot online, Online buying Cafergot hcl

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Buy Stromectol Without Prescription, I'm practicing being present all the time.  It's really difficult for people like me who are analytically-inclined, Stromectol class. Stromectol online cod,  I'm reminded of my improv teacher in college who told us at the beginning of the class: "This class is really hard for Stanford students because it requires turning off your judgment and simply going with the flow, and by virtue of you being here, Stromectol dosage, Effects of Stromectol, I know that does not come naturally to you."  At the same time, being present is the easiest thing in the world to do, Stromectol schedule. Cheap Stromectol,  You were born with this natural ability, and everything else about you has been added on since, online Stromectol without a prescription. Stromectol images. After Stromectol. Buy cheap Stromectol no rx. Order Stromectol online c.o.d. Buy Stromectol no prescription. Buy cheap Stromectol. Buy Stromectol online no prescription. Stromectol coupon. Stromectol maximum dosage. About …

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A couple of weeks ago Kevin and I went around on the topic of whether or not science is "broken" Human Growth Hormone For Sale, . Buy Human Growth Hormone online cod,  We came to the point of agreeing that we have different basic assumptions of what constitutes "utility".  And because of this, Human Growth Hormone trusted pharmacy reviews, Human Growth Hormone gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, while we could agree that each of our arguments made sense logically, we ultimately end up with opposite conclusions, comprar en línea Human Growth Hormone, comprar Human Growth Hormone baratos. Human Growth Hormone no prescription,  After all, for something to be broken it means that it once served a purpose that it no longer is able to serve due to mechanical/structural failure.  And to have a purpose means that it has value (i.e, my Human Growth Hormone experience. Human Growth Hormone price, utility) to someone.

So whether science…