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Has anyone played Foldit Buy Pristiq Without Prescription, , the protein-folding game that is designed to advance the science.  This Wired article makes it sound like Ender's Game meets biochemistry, order Pristiq from United States pharmacy. Buy Pristiq from mexico,  Sounds like the Poehlman kid is the protein-folding equivalent of Stephen Wiltshire.  I love the crowdsourcing, Pristiq price, coupon, Pristiq no prescription, the meta-evolutionary algorithm of it (to find the savants), and the implications for science, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Pristiq without prescription. Pristiq coupon. Where can i order Pristiq without prescription. Australia, uk, us, usa. Is Pristiq safe. Buy Pristiq no prescription. Order Pristiq online overnight delivery no prescription. Pristiq over the counter. Buy Pristiq from canada. Buy Pristiq without a prescription. Order Pristiq no prescription. Pristiq from canadian pharmacy. Pristiq samples. Canada, mexico, india. Pristiq photos. Pristiq for sale. Pristiq mg. Effects of Pristiq. Where to buy Pristiq. Where can i cheapest Pristiq online. Online …

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Celexa For Sale, Tweeter, Claus Metzner (@cmetzner) alerted me to this cool area of study with this paper. Celexa over the counter,

Suppose you meet a Wise being (W) who tells you it has put $1,000 in box A, Celexa price, Buy Celexa without prescription, and either $1 million or nothing in box B. This being tells you to either take the contents of box B only, canada, mexico, india, Celexa trusted pharmacy reviews, or to take the contents of both A and B. Suppose further that the being had put the $1 million in box B only if a prediction algorithm designed by the being had said that you would take only B, order Celexa from United States pharmacy. Where can i order Celexa without prescription, If the algorithm had predicted you would take both boxes, then the being put nothing in box B.  Presume that due to determinism, Celexa canada, mexico, india, Buy

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Here's a contest model for spurring innovation that I'd like to explore:

  1. 50 participatns ante a pre-determined amount of money
  2. Each participant submits original work (of a pre-determined type)
  3. Each participant votes for one winner (other than themselves)
  4. Winner gets the money
Aricept For Sale, This is similar to other contest models such as biz plan competitions and screenplay competitions, however there are key differences: (1) you put up your own money (2) you judge the winner.

Here are some optional rule variants:

  • Allow public input (and originality vetting) before voting
  • Money put up by: participants, where to buy Aricept, Aricept images, organizer, or outside sponsor/investor
  • Determining winners
    • Allow more than one winner
    • Use multiple rounds of voting to determine winner
    • Bracket tourney (random draw, Aricept street price, Aricept samples, or use voting round for seeding)
  • Administrative fee for organizer (who should never be allowed to participate, BTW)
  • Winner gets non-monetary benefits too
  • Winner has obligations to fulfill
Depending on …

Encoding Life's Complexity

Will Wright's demo of Spore illustrates some key concepts of complex systems, including the notion of simple rules generating complex behaviors, and also the power of recursively applied (i.e. fractal) computation at different levels.  Living systems leverage these same principles. One of the baffling aspects of living systems is the relationship of the (relatively small) genome to the seemingly infinite variation and complexity that we witness within and between species.  The idea that we share 99% or so of our DNA with mice means that our differences must somehow be accounted for in the remaining 1% (roughly 7 megabytes of information). The key insight needed to make sense of this mystery involves the aforementioned principles evidenced in the Spore universe, but it also requires the notion of real world as encoding device.  By this I mean that the genome itself is not a complete, self-contained piece of code with all that is required to generate (for instance) an adult human.  Rather, implicit in…

Parrondo's Paradox and Poker

Parrondo’s paradox is the well-known counterintuitive situation where individually losing strategies or deleterious effects can combine to win.... Over the past ten years, a number of authors have pointed to the generality of Parrondian behavior, and many examples ranging from physics to population genetics have been reported. In its most general form, Parrondo’s paradox can occur where there is a nonlinear interaction of random behavior with an asymmetry, and can be mathematically understood in terms of a convex linear combination.
From Developments in Parrondo’s Paradox (Derek Abbott)
One of my new favorite pastimes is identifying real world scenarios that I think are examples of Parrondo's Paradox (PP). Here are some from the world of poker:
  • Morton's Theorem describes situations during the play of hands wherein you may employ a strategy that is losing against two individual opponents, but against both simultaneously it's a winning strategy.
  • There is a related scenario that exists in tournament poker known as implicit collusion, which is a correct strategy